Our personal protection training, or “civil bite-work” focuses on building a clear headed, stable dog, safely and correctly.  The comfort of having a confident and clear headed dog always at your side, ready to protect when necessary is something that takes time, consistency and an experienced decoy. We start our personal protection bite work program by meeting with each individual and their dog. We go over in detail how our protection training will work and make sure personal protection dog training is a good fit. For each personal protection training session we develop a plan and set goals. Using our facility to set a safe and controlled environment, each personal protection training takes place once a week and each phase is introduced slowly and methodically.

Protection Training

Unfortunately, anyone can teach a dog to be mean and bite. At Kilo 9iner Dog Club we take great pride, passion and a lot of caution when it comes to personal protection dog training. Our goal is to make sure we help build a confident and stable dog that only uses its training when necessary and on command. A true personal protection dog is more safe around kids, other dogs, or strangers in public, than any untrained dog.

Protection Dog Training in Louisville, KY


Through the use of experienced decoys, consistent weekly progress and a safe controlled environment, we can help build your dog up to defend when called upon. If you are interested in learning more about our personal protection training classes, contact us below!