Head Trainer and Owner  – Joe Haycraft

“Dogs have always been a part of my life growing up. I didn’t start getting into any formal training untill 2011, which consisted of Obedience, Personal Protection (Civil Bite-work), and Tracking. Over the years I have trained under numerous trainers which led to me falling in love with training and being able to train others to have safe, confident, stable dogs. Not to mention how much fun it was building a bond. Over the years I’ve traveled to many different states and other countries learning other styles of training. Decoying for different styles of biting. Tracking with different scenarios. Obedience in all forms. Also working with many different breeds and dogs of all ages. My number one goal is to be fair to the dog. I’ll accomplish this by teaching you the techniques for your individual dog. I want you to have the tools for training so you can train any dog that becomes apart of your life.”

-Joe Haycraft