Is your dog hard to take on walks? Do they pull on the leash or go after other dogs?  Will they come to you when you ask? Our group dog training classes in Louisville, KY are geared around educating both you and your dog on how to understand and respect each other so you can have the relationship you both want. A relationship that is fair and that you both understand.  We focus on building your dog’s confidence at all times. Through both individual instruction and our group dog training environment, our clients are surrounded by like-minded individuals who have a passion for well-behaved dogs and love helping others succeed. Learn more on our Obedience page. Come check out a group training session for FREE and start working towards having that well-mannered dog you are capable of having!

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Having a dog that can be a loving member of the family, but also a reliable form of protection and personal defense is an invaluable piece of mind. We take pride in building a clear-headed, stable, confident dog that knows how to turn their training on and off in any environment. Be it walking the streets of Louisville, or a stroll in the park, your dog has the ability to turn their protection training on as soon as needed. We offer one-on-one personal protection classes that meet weekly. If having a personal protection dog is something you are curious about, come watch a demonstration! Check out our Protection Training page to get more details

Protection Dog Training Louisville ky

Our goal is that you have a dog that isn’t a liability.  A dog that you can take anywhere without being embarrassed and build a bond that is unbreakable. We will push you and your dog to become better in every training class. Our ultimate satisfaction is seeing a handler enjoy their four-legged friend as much as we enjoy our own dogs. We are a passionate group that has fun working with our dogs and takes training them more serious than anyone. If you are interested in joining us for your dog training in Louisville, we would love to have you at one of our group classes! Click the box below and come check us out!


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